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We, as parents, desire our children to grow up in safe and happy homes. However, divorce or separation can sometimes pose a challenge to achieving that goal.


We assist you in gaining quality time with your children, enabling you to create the safety and happiness they deserve.

We offer compassionate and goal-oriented legal counsel, helping you to craft a strategy where you are in control, and you make every decision along the way.

Family Time


Marital assets and debts can keep you entwined with your spouse.

We assist you in untangling what belongs to you and what belongs to your spouse, whether it's a home, a business, or even debts.

We are a pragmatic and entrepreneurial law firm dedicated to swiftly achieving your objectives, focused in allowing you to move forward in life.

Signing a Contract


Safeguard your finances and achieve financial independence and freedom from your former spouse.

We help you understand your rights and responsibilities regarding spousal support once you are separated from your spouse.

Dissolving an immigrant marriage presents special difficulties, and we are here to help you navigate them as smoothly as possible.

Sunny Estate
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